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[ The day is about to end, and you're hoping that whomever you voted for gets the boot... or the axe... you know, specifics aren't needed right now.

You wait, and you wait, but Proto Badger doesn't seem like he'll be speaking to you any time soon.

But for now, for the guilty, especially: it seems you aren't okay with people dying anymore. The magic that's been keeping you sane (or insane) has been lifted. What exactly do you do now? ]

(( Brainwashing has been lifted, and graveyard people can be found and rescued. They're in Dr. Black's bedroom, inside his walk-in closet. They can be rescued the same way Bobby was rescued. ~~~Woahhhhh~~~ ))
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It is time for the trial.

Who is guilty?

(( vote here! ))
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[ And the deaths continue. If you go to the study today, you'll find prosecutor Myriam Scuttlebutt on the ground with a broken neck, her body laying next to a stepladder. Did she fall, or was she pushed? Who knows... One thing you do know is this: there is a photo printed out next to her, one of someone with a pompadour's silhouette.

What you do know is you're not safe. You need to get rid of the guilty party. And Proto Badger will politely remind you of it, too. ]

Trial later. Prepare.

[ Also, hey. Where's Bobby Fulbright? ]
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[ Finally, a guilty party's been executed. Some of you may feel queasy about this, while some of you may feel it was the Right Thing. Either way, you know that if there are four innocents left in the game, the guilty party wins, and that Dr. Black's death would have been in vain.

Also, it seems an innocent Apollo Justice is missing. There is a defense attorney's badge by the main door.

What do you do now that the sun has set? ]

The guilty



(( that is to say, mafia wins with 4 innocents left, so innocents gotta take down the mafia before that happens o7 we should've made this clearer sooner; OUR BAD. ))
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[ It's almost night time, and you know what that means... ]

Trial is over. Simon Blackquill, step forward. You are guilty.

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[ If one inspects the lounge - of course you would, it's where you would relax! - you might notice remnants of a fire lingering in the air: the smell of smoke, as well as all the mirrors in the room have been stained black. What's up with that???

But that won't stop Proto Badger. You hear his voice in your heads again. ]

It is time for trial.

Who is guilty?

[ What's more, if you check out the hall leading to the main door, you'll find defense attorney Clay Terran's hat on the floor. ]

More people escaped again. How? No more escaping. If anyone tries, they will be punished.

(( VOTE HERE! ))
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[ Rise and shine, sleepyheads! You best check everyone in each room, because it seems some people have gone missing...

Franziska and corrupt prosecutor Athena both have remnants of their stay right by the main door - much like how there were footprints of dried wine the other day. There's a riding crop, and a blue headband with a ribbon right by the door.

What's more, if you check out the ballroom, you'll find detective Phoenix Wright's dead body, seated by the piano, a piano wire around his neck.

Proto Badger will be right by the main door. ]

More people escaped... how?
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[ The moon is up! Perhaps it's time for a midnight snack? There's some wine in the kitchen, amongst other amenities. Feel free to use everything in a dead person's home. ]

The guilty

Defense Attorney
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[ Is that cackling, or the sound of foil being crumpled? Either way, after hearing that strange sound, you become knowledgeable of how other people voted. ]

It was close. But no one guilty tonight.
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[ whatever you're doing, wherever you are, suddenly, you'll see proto badger on any reflective surface. ]

Trial begins now. Talk about who is guilty.

Tell me in mind when ready.

(( VOTE HERE!! ))
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[ Did you feel unsafe during the night? Couldn't sleep well? GOOD.

But now, the sun is up, and is that a murder scene at the ballroom? Oh, no, no it's not. Nobody seems to be dead today! Hallelujah! Maybe that means the murders have stopped and you guys will be set free!

Eh, no, not yet.

Though it seems Shih-na, the reporter has left the building. Literally. There are footprints what seems to be dried wine in the carpets coming from the closet in the lounge—that some of you may recognize as the secret entrance to one of the jail cells—to the main hall's door. ~Oooh~

And upon getting finding these footprints, you'll hear the words: ] One of you escaped. No one should do that.

Trial again later. Prepare.
[ in your head. Guess you really should prepare for that, huh? ]

(( For any questions, ping @sytry or @misailury in any of the crybadger plurks. ))
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[ Nighttime, nighttime! Get comfy in your rooms, or chat a little with some new acquaintances before sleeping! ]

The guilty

Defense Attorney

(( By this time, Payne's body has been magically whisked away and there will be NO CLUES left re: his death. Except for the fan that Lang handed over to Ema. ))
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Why vote for Proto? Proto did nothing wrong. . .

[ and with that, the badger heads back inside one of the mirrors. screw you guys for voting for him. it seems you've hurt his feelings. (you can still talk to him through the mirrors, though! just think!) ]

No one is guilty tonight.

(— Your character now has knowledge of who everyone else voted for.

— The trial ends early in the afternoon, so there's still time before nighttime to play around. Feel free to tag around in this post or the succeeding one!)
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[ Afternoon strikes, and you're called to the lounge by the sound of shattering glass. The Proto Badger is there, outside of the confines of its mirror home and speaks to all of you; ]

Today is trial. Talk about who is guilty. Then vote.

Voting easy. Just tell me in mind.

((More details + vote HERE! Use this post to defend yourself, whathaveyou. ))
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[ Rise and shine, sleepy campers! You've managed to survive the night in a haunted (???) mansion where a murder just occurred. Are you sure you got some sleep? Probably not. Oh well! Who cares about sleep when

there's been another murder in the kitchen: Winston Payne. Stabbed in the gut with a kitchen knife. Ow... that must have been painful. . . If investigated, one will find that Pearl Fey's name written in the guy's blood on the nice clean kitchen tiles, with the man's right hand.

What's more, when you look up from the body, a Proto Badger will be looking straight at you. ]

Trial happen soon. Prepare.

[ And with a blink of an eye, he disappears. Though you can still see the badger in any reflective surfaces, looking at you. You're free to talk to him if you want to! ]

(( The shooped thing was just something for fun - please don't take it seriously and go all "THE NAME IS BADLY WRITTEN" etc."

For any questions, ping @sytry or @misailury in any of the crybadger plurks. ))
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[ Oh boy! Night's come and it's time to go to your rooms. Some of you may even get a visitor in your room:

The guilty

Defense Attorney
Reporter ]

(( — You can make your own post for wandering around the mansion.
— You may see the Proto Badgers wandering around at night. Spooky.
— Day 1 will begin on the 13th, 6 PM EST.
— For any private posts, make sure you grant both badgers access too! ))
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[ Welcome to the Tudor Close! You were invited by Dr. Black (who?) to celebrate All Hallow's Eve with him, and as such, you arrived in costume… Like a good guest.

Enjoy the whole day and the mansion's amenities. Mingle with your fellow guests, get drunk, and go wild!

That is, until Dr. Black's dead body is found in the dining room, his neck filled with rope marks. It looks like he was strangled, but the rope cannot be found.

Don't worry, though! Aren't you all lawyers and policemen here? Of course, you're not allowed to investigate the body as it's quickly whisked away. You might have blinked, and Dr. Black's body is gone. In place of his body are small pieces of broken glass. Look into the glass and you might find something staring back at you.

Also, what happened to the other guests? Ah, well. No matter! You shrug it off. No, seriously. You just do. It's like they weren't even there. It's just you lot now… And whomever is staring at you from the mirrors. And possibly another character. (????????)

Oh, and if you try for the doors to leave the mansion? Well, they’re locked. Though you may hear the words “Play game?” at the back of your mind when you pass by the hall. It may be familiar to some, but some may find this sudden voice disturbing, surprising, and well… new. ]

(( — IC Knowledge.

— For any questions, ping either @sytry or @misailury on any of the crybadger plurks!

— Day 00 will be from 10-11 October, and Night 00 will begin on the 12th. ))
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You have been cordially invited to attend the dinner at—
… It seems our host has been murdered.

… … …
… … … … … …
Look in mirror. Play game.

So what's all this, then?
A short-term (around a month-ish, give or take) mafia PSL full of murder and brainwashing. It starts 11 October and will operate on a 3 OOC days to 1 IC day cycle (day/trial/night). Voting deadlines will be 6:00pm EST, but players are not required to actually be present during that time so long as they're around and active otherwise.

Hey I've never played mafia

That's fine! Rules and roles will be explained ICly and OOCly when the game starts, and I'll be around to answer questions as much as I can. I'm sure a lot of our other experienced players would be just as happy to help!

We (Nikki & XL)would also suggest trying out Epicmafia sometime cause it is hella hella fun.

How is mafia different from CFUW/Werewolf?
Aside from obvious pacing differences, there's no day vote; the only voting is a write-in ballot during the trial phase.

What if I have to pull out early?

OK seriously though, just let me know if you gotta drop. Real life happens to everybody, as does losing interest in a pretendy funtimes game, so don't sweat it! All we ask is that you tell us, than having to idle you.

You're invited to some unknown host's Halloween banquet, but the host gets murdered some time during the merriment of it all. With the mansion on lockdown, everyone has to stay in the guest rooms and figure out who's responsible for the murders… before they come and get you, too.

Nerfed! But if you're lucky, you just might get new ones~ :3c

What kind of characters can I app?
Any character from the Ace Attorney franchise, including PL vs. AA, as well as Ghost Trick! WOO. Doubles, AUs, etc. are more than welcome! Characters who have been taken from other short-term murder games are welcome, too! No DGS for now, sorry!

How many characters can I app?
Two is your max! But please remember to not info mod, or share information OOCly. Please be aware, though, that this may drastically change your gaming experience.

Yo I got questions!!
Ask them here!


Upon signing up, please join the community, add [personal profile] iwant2protectu and [personal profile] protoshepherd to your friend’s lists, and add [ profile] crybadger on plurk! Sign-ups are now CLOSED.

We start on 10 October, 6PM EST.
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[ A coin has been flipped.

The night is eerie with how quiet it is, and it doesn't help that there are only six teams left… THE SUSPENSE…! But once ousting is over, everybody will receive a text.

congratulations wolf

Whether or not your character has time to react, everything turns into glass. The crystal moves fast, and it's instantaneous, and it shatters into dust just as quickly, too.

The dust flies over to each wolf, slowly materialising into something…? It's something they used to own. Something precious to them that then became irrepairable; something they lost; something that will warm their hearts. A blue ribbon is tied to it, and the ribbon just has "Gatewater Hotel" printed on it.

The stage has been cleaned up, any damaged items have been magically fixed. Everything seems good as new, except… what's that? An axe on the floor of the stage? Yeah. That's also some blood…?

Maybe you shouldn't be too concerned, because the doors will open, as well. Those who were ousted and eaten are at the balcony, and everybody can see them now as the lights in that area have been turned on. The elevator in the balcony area also works now, and it brings everybody from the balcony back down to the audience area for a happy? reunion.

By the exit located backstage are twenty-two unique folders, containing passports for each player… each? Yes. Folders for Grace and Tony are nowhere to be found. There's also 300 USD in each folder, as well as a good amount of one's native currency. There's also a note. . .

go to los angeles airport
ride plane to new york
pretend from england
buy train ticket… go home

thank you play game

next time,

So, yes. One may explore LA while they're still here. The train will function like Platform 9 3/4. MAGIC. ]


OOCLY LINK ANY PRIVATE POSTS. Thanks for making this game possible! ♥

Bonus points to anyone who can name all The Police/Sting references throughout the game.

As a note, you may now de-friend [ profile] crybadger if you wish! Thank you for participating! :)
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[ It's a silent night and nothing has changed except for the food on the table. Roasted chicken is served, as well as some macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and salad.

The badger has disappeared from the mirror, and nobody can talk to him again.

For now, at least.

As always, a text message prompts everybody regarding ousting. ]

vote again
game end if you no oust wolf

This poll is closed.
Open to: Access List, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 4


View Answers

Nagi Springfield, Gilderoy Lockhart
2 (50.0%)

Diana, Dandy
2 (50.0%)


Nagi, Gilderoy, Diana, and Dandy can't vote on this!

Poll will be up until 12:30am, May 1st EST.


an ace attorney cry wolf mini-game

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